Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Some Assembly Required

One of the booths I visited at the Creativ Festival was a US company called "Some Assembly Required". They do 3D paper creations from stencils, dies and stamps. I purchased the Dove and the Tree. Unfortunately I could only get the stencils as they only took cash and I had spent it all at Stamping Bella's booth since their debit machine was down! It was a lot of cutting!

I obviously need some practice but here are two cards I did for practice. You can still see the pencil marks on the tree as I used white cardstock for my practice run so I could better see what I was doing. They both fold flat and then pop open when you open the card!! How cute!! The dove card needs to be opened 360 degrees for it to take shape properly.

If you are going to check out the website... you've got to see the eggimals! How cute. They are on the top of my wish list :)

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